I have personally worked with the Executive members of the company and they are really for the people. I learned how to trade cryptocurrency and the coffee is making me shred pounds! I am continuously on the conference calls and I learn something new everyday. I enjoy...
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I have worked with Mike Nimmo several times, and have never had a problem! He has always been on the up-and-up!!!! Mike has always done what he said he would do. I am surprised to find your post. The proper thing would be for you to work this out with Mike personally....
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This man is a thief and a *** artist. He deals in various multi level marketing businesses. Mike Nimmo makes a lot of promises that he never intends to keep. He has no problem telling you what you need to hear to get your money. Once he has your money, he will say...
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How did you guys verify this complaint? Have you requested an answer from this businessman? Where is it?I would never submit a complaint to a site that does not verify the com...

I liked
  • I learned a valuable lesson
I didn't like
  • He said i would be paid back in 2 wks
  • I was never given any people
  • I was never paid back
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